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2G and 3G telecom Price india

2G and 3G prices should not be compared.


There has been constant news about 2G spectrum scam. Says, it is very lower priced. I believe, on contrary it is over priced.




Just check below discussion in details.


The price of any media or commodity is detrmined on basis of how much it bring income to the owner. Say- one of the bollywood hero acts in a film XYZ and XYZ made the business of more than 200 crores Rupees. This does means the next film of the same actor should be valued 200 crores rupees and payment should be done accordingly.


In case of pricing of 2G and 3G, there is no comparison. 3G has lot to earn compare to 2G.


Brief details are as follows:


  1. One can watch TV in 3G.
  2. Make Video call
  3. Watch internet Video.
  4. Download it immensely fast.
  5. Play Games.


Above are additional source of incomes related to 3G and these are adding to profit of the owner and hence 3G is overvalued.


These features are missing in case of 2G, where incomes is related to voice call and internet browsing.


Hence, considering income in 3G, the pricing of the spectrum was appropriate however pricing of 2G was overvalued.

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