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maneesh dhauni 

My thoughts for social well beings


1:Emergency exist for People of Skyscraper

Food of immortals

3:  Human Genetic degradation and mutation.
4:Water heater- geyser default problem and updation.
5:Biological gear system
6: Million dollar sponsorship for Television channel 
7:Remedy of Dental decay. 
8:How to become resistance to Snake venom?
9: Healthy Food 
10:Smart phones are causing Global slow down how ? Click me
11:Convert your current blackberry to android in less than $100.
12: Genetic matching of children with parents and millions dollars business
13: Smart fitness shoes  
14: Oxygenation of drinking water 
15:  Agriculture : increasing the land area twice by simple logic
16:2G  and 3G telecom price India
17:Parking sensor and Blind man Aid
18:Scrubber for washing machine.
19:How to become millionaire in share market in 99 transactions with  1000 bucks only investment?
20: Polyroad development of Country ( India here). 
21:How to increase 10 fold subscriptions of print magazines and news paper in 3 months?
22: Free NewsPaper –New Slogan of E-Commerce  
23: Whether re-payment of home loan is benefial or not?  
24: Parked economy vs Gold investment. 
25: Cleanliness is best fitness pathway   
26:Maneesh Dhauni Urgent braking system for Ships, Carrier and Submarines.
27: Liquid Helium/ Nitrogen to save maximum life and property damage from aeroplane crash.  
28: Internet of things Chapter 1 
29:Flap battery for Mobile phone. 

Million dollar sponsorship for Television channel  

31:Convert your current blackberry to android in less than $100.